Name: Jan-Michael Konnerth

I am 29 years old
I live in Cologne, Germany

E-Mail: Jako(at)
More about me you can find here:

I offer:
As certificated Service Manager I have more than four years of practise in ITIL and profound skills about methods and practises implementing  ITIL-Processes into IT organisations.

- Service (Level) Management
Service Level Agreements as documented interfaces between customer and the IT organisation enables the IT to offer customer oriented IT services at the demand of the customer. I got skills in creating, implementing and reporting customer oriented SLAs.

- Know-How
By ten years of work experiance in financial services, seperated in customer consulting and providing IT Services I am focused on IT financial business but covering the business processes as well as the IT-business side, supporting the customer.  
I am searching for:
New challenges in business
Contacts to people everywhere
New ideas and jobs
Good to know about me:
In 1994 I started my carrer with a apprenticeship as a bank-employee and finished it successfully in February 1996.
After five years of customer consulting in financial startegies I changed to the IT organisation in the year 2000. As a telephone agent in the service desk I did trouble-shooting and joined an IT project in 2001, changing the whole datacenter to work process oriented in future. In 2003 the IT organisation offered the chance to me to work as a service level manager and define SLAs to encrease the cutomer satisfaction and to orientate IT business to the customers needs.
I did my job very well but changed by personal reasons from Stuttgart to Cologne, where I found a job as an IT consultant, doing nearly the same job as in the bank, but at different customers. How to contact me: Home Profil Open BC Resume
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